This is an illustration for the book cover of "Futon" by a Japanese author Tayama Katai, who's known for establishing the genre of naturalistic I novels in Japan.  And the book "Futon" is a great example and the first novel that represents this genre. The story is revolving around detailed self-examination of an introspective author.
I used watercolour technique and collage in my illustration. The picture shows details of women's clothes and hair which the character is admiring so much.  This illustration is a glimpse inside the dreams, inside the mind of the main hero and the author. And I wanted to make it more personal and engaging, as if when you're looking at this woman, you feel that she's looking at you.
This book was translated and published in many languages before. This year it's released in Ukrainian for the first time by Ukraine's oriental publishing "Safran". 
Book cover for "Futon", Tayama Katai
May 2022

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