Dancing, editorial illustration in two variations, 
Digital, March 2021
Everything is slowly reopening after a long year of pandemic and Disneyland is happy to welcome guests again! Editorial illustration.
Digital, March 2021
Series of illustrations for the article about ancient Egypt. The article's telling about how Egyptologists study the pyramids of Giza, ancient Egypt's culture and continues with the theories on how the pyramids were built. Editorial illustrations.
Digital, February 2021
Editorial illustrations for the article telling a story of a girl who had to leave her home in Crimea due to Russian occupation, how everything changed for her and she had to put her pre-war self into a memory box. 
Digital, July 2020
Editorial illustration for the article about school bullying. 
Digital, August 2020
Editorial spot illustrations for online magazine, digital.
May 2021
Editorial illustration for the article about open relationships. 
Digital, March 2019
Editorial spot illustrations for the article about waste composting at home. 1 - "After couple of weeks the new forms of life appeared in the container".  2 - "The smell was so strong! Almost as if  you could see it moving from one room to another, this uninvited guest"
Mixed media, May 2019
Silkscreen, August 2020
Hong Kong series of illustrations. 1 - Hong Kong Street Market of antiques. 2 - Rain In Hong Kong.
Digital, Winter 2020
With my grandma. Illustration from the childhood memory.
Digital, June 2020
Self  cat-portrait and my cat Caseopia.
Digital, June 2020
Digital, June 2020
Spirit of Flame.
Digital, June 2020

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